Help: qclone

hg qclone [OPTION]... SOURCE [DEST]

clone main and patch repository at same time

If source is local, destination will have no patches applied. If source is remote, this command can not check if patches are applied in source, so cannot guarantee that patches are not applied in destination. If you clone remote repository, be sure before that it has no patches applied.

Source patch repository is looked for in <src>/.hg/patches by default. Use -p <url> to change.

The patch directory must be a nested Mercurial repository, as would be created by 'hg init --mq'.

Return 0 on success.


--pull use pull protocol to copy metadata
-U --noupdate do not update the new working directories
--uncompressed use uncompressed transfer (fast over LAN)
-p --patches REPO location of source patch repository
-e --ssh CMD specify ssh command to use
--remotecmd CMD specify hg command to run on the remote side
--insecure do not verify server certificate (ignoring web.cacerts config)

global options ([+] can be repeated):

-R --repository REPO repository root directory or name of overlay bundle file
--cwd DIR change working directory
-y --noninteractive do not prompt, automatically pick the first choice for all prompts
-q --quiet suppress output
-v --verbose enable additional output
--color TYPE when to colorize (boolean, always, auto, never, or debug)
--config CONFIG [+] set/override config option (use '')
--debug enable debugging output
--debugger start debugger
--encoding ENCODE set the charset encoding (default: EUC-JP)
--encodingmode MODE set the charset encoding mode (default: strict)
--traceback always print a traceback on exception
--time time how long the command takes
--profile print command execution profile
--version output version information and exit
-h --help display help and exit
--hidden consider hidden changesets
--pager TYPE when to paginate (boolean, always, auto, or never) (default: auto)